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Boulderscape, Inc.

Our History

In 1984 Boulderscape was in the beginning stages of installing residential shotcrete water features, slides, grottos, and architectural retaining walls. By 1987 zoological exhibits and theme parks made up a large portion of their work. In 1990 boulderscape started promoting architectural shotcrete for the use in creating large permanent shoring wall systems. By 1992 with over 122,000 square feet of structural/architectural shotcrete placed, Boulderscape decided to assemble shotcrete crews specifically for the placing and finishing of large shoring walls.

In 2003 Boulderscape successfully finished and stained over 4.5 million square feet of shotcrete. Additional highly skilled artisans were trained and several in-house shotcrete nozzlemen acquired there ACI certifications to improve shotcrete placement quality and meet the current demand. By 2005 more than 200 residential shotcrete water features were being installed a year along with numerous shotcrete walls. To better control and meet the current demand, the company was divided into residential and commercial divisions to better control the rapid growth. By 2016 the commercial division with its structural and architectural shotcrete shoring wall installations top 9 million square feet and overshadowed the residential market.

Currently, Boulderscape’s main endeavor is the successful and safe installation of both structural and architectural shotcrete in the Private, Public Works, City, Government, and Federal markets. The current commercial division places structural and architectural  shotcrete for large highway walls, slope remediation, wall retrofitting, subterranean parking structures, and specialty shotcrete installations.



For more than 30 years, we’ve designed and installed structural/architectural shotcrete wall finishes. We give you peace of mind ensuring everything will be beautifully finished, artfully crafted and structurally sound. We’re detail-oriented. We’re easy to work with and we’re there every step of the way — from the beginning structural phase to the final touches. As artisans and ACI certified nozzleman, our years of experience and unparalleled knowledge of the installation and finishing of air placed concrete, certifies that your vision is realized.  With over 9 million square feet of shotcrete finished and stained you can be assured your project will be installed with quality and precision.

Featured Projects


San Clemente, Ca

1050 Calle Negocio
San Clemente, Ca 92673

T. 949.661.5087
F. 949.661.3397 (Inquires) (Estimates)


Charlotte, Nc

6201 Fairview Road, Ste 212
Charlotte, NC 28210

T. 949.661.5087
F. 949.661.3397 (General Inquires) (Estimator Steve Jimenez)