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Boulderscape Project

Mankato, MN

Blue Earth Hwy 66

Service Provided

Boulderscape completed installation of structural rebar and forming, followed by an 8″ thick structural concrete layer, a 19″ thick cap, and a 1″ – 3″ thick architectural layer with a chiseled block face. BSI Stain was applied afterward to match the existing block in the area.


Record Installation Time


Avg. Savings Over Alternative Wall Finishes


Wall Square Footage
In Depth Analysis

Boulderscape Services

Blue Earth County initially used cast-in-place large chiseled blocks for multiple soil nail walls along Highway 66 in Mankato. The shoring contractor engaged Boulderscape to explore the feasibility of replicating these blocks. After thorough discussions, it was determined feasible. On-site mock-ups were created and approved. Boulderscape not only shortened the overall duration of the wall construction but also saved the owners over $200,000.

Boulderscape Service Overview

Services Provided

Installed structural rebar and forming, with an 8" thick concrete layer, topped by a 19" cap and a 1" - 3" architectural layer with a chiseled block face, stained to match nearby blocks.

Boulderscape Finish

Blue Earth Chiseled Block

Color Scheme


Shotcrete Thickness


Average Relief


Shoring System

Soil Nail Wall

Shotcrete/Concrete Mix Design

5000 PSI


Warmer climate. No additional additives were added to the concrete mix.


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