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Boulderscape Project

Ridgefield CT Custom Home

Ridgefield, CA
Service Provided

Install an 8” thick structural shotcrete and a 1”-2” thick architectural shotcrete.


Record Installation Time


Avg. Savings Over Alternative Wall Finishes %


Wall Square Footage
In Depth Analysis

Boulderscape Services

BSI installed 28,400 square feet of structural/architectural shotcrete over existing soil nail walls around a custom home. After the work was completed, the Owner of the home ask to convert a portion of the multi-tiered soil nail wall into a cascading water feature. BSI designed the concept and the Owner accepted. The water feature is 37’ in height and cascades down into a large pond at the base of the lower soil nail wall.

Boulderscape Service Overview

Services Provided

Reinforcing steel, waterproofing, water feature creations, planter pockets, and structural/architectural shotcrete for shoring walls.

Boulderscape Staining Scheme

Ridgefield Granite

Color Scheme

Midtown Gray Blend

Shotcrete Thickness


Average Relief


Shoring System

Soil Nail Wall

Shotcrete/Concrete Mix Design

4,500 PSI


8%-10% air was needed to help reduce chances of cracking in winter. Hydration stabilizers were used to maintain concrete temperature and extend the finishing time.


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