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Boulderscape Project

Mission Viejo Medical Buildings

Medical Center Road, Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Service Provided

Supply and installed all structural reinforcement and structural/architectural shotcrete layers. Structural shotcrete layer 9” thick. Architectural shotcrete 1”-2” thick. Stained with a multi-colored stain.


Record Installation Time


Avg. Savings Over Alternative Wall Finishes %


Wall Square Footage
In Depth Analysis

Boulderscape Services

Three permanent soil nail shoring walls needed to be installed to give the needed space for the the construction of the new medical buildings located in Mission Viejo, CA. Two of the walls are located behind the new buildings and received a class a sponge float finish. The third is located in a hi-visibility area near an entrance road to a poplar mall. The wall facing was of great concern to the Owners as well as cost. Our Malibu Ledgerstone masonry finish not only matched the existing veneer stone found on several of the retaining walls in the area, it was also more economical than the other alternative.

Boulderscape Service Overview

Services Provided

Shotcrete & Hand Sculpted Finish

Boulderscape Finish

Malibu Ledgerstone

Color Scheme

Mission Brown Blend

Shotcrete Thickness


Average Relief


Shoring System

Rock Bolt, Soil Nail, Formed Wall

Shotcrete/Concrete Mix Design

4,500 PSI


Warmer climate. No additional additives were added to the concrete mix.


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