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Boulderscape artisans installed a 12”- 16” thick shotcrete layer to complete the structural and architectural finish for Brookfield, CT Department of Transportation. Boulderscape installed a 20,000+ sqft retaining wall in record installation time of only 8 days, while saving client 39% in costs over alternative wall finishes.

The installation of this 21,800+ square foot retaining wall in Brookfield Granite finish was required to construct a new segment of the Rte 7 Highway in Brookfield, CT. Though CDOT originally planned to install a cast-in-place wall at this location, Boulderscape was ultimately selected to install this basalt formation due to the finish’s significant cost-savings and more natural appearance.

Boulderscape designed a natural looking finish to blend well with the environment and not only saved a substantial amount in costs but was also very aesthetically appealing.

The main challenge for this project was that the existing slopes were undulated and using Bouldersape’s sculpted rock finishes, BSI was able to take advantage of that and make the walls appear more 3 dimensional and natural-looking.

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