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Boulderscape Project

Centene Tower

Centene Plaza, 7700 Forsyth Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63105
Service Provided

11” thick structural shotcrete with a class A sponge float finish.


Record Installation Time


Avg. Savings Over Alternative Wall Finishes %


Wall Square Footage
In Depth Analysis

Boulderscape Services

This subterranean shoring system needed a permanent concrete facing to make it a permanent shoring system for this high-rise structure in Clayton MO. A cast in place system was too expensive and would have extended the schedule. A structural shotcrete system was discussed, but the GC didn’t think it would be possible to place structural shotcrete up to 60’ high. Boulderscape supplied the GC with the necessary qualifications, and the shotcrete system was chosen over all other options. The 38,000 SF shoring wall consisted of an 11” thick structural shotcrete wall placed over a solid pile shoring wall. The shotcrete system was placed in the middle of winter to keep on schedule. The final finish was a Class A sponge float finish.

Boulderscape Service Overview

Services Provided

11” thick structural shotcrete with a class A sponge float finish.

Boulderscape Finish

Class A Sponge Float

Color Scheme

Cemex Type V Gray

Shotcrete Thickness


Average Relief


Shoring System

Soldier Pile Wall

Shotcrete/Concrete Mix Design

5,000 PSI


8%-10% air was needed to help reduce chances of cracking in winter.


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